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5 Places a career in early education can take you

If you’re wondering what the next step in your career might be, you might want to think about early childhood education as an option. Qualifications in early childhood education open so many doors, so many more than you may think! Getting your Cert III or Diploma through LEAD Institute will ensure you gain employment in the early childhood education industry and lay the foundations for a brilliant career. Here are 5 places your career could take you with qualifications in early childhood education.

1. Childcare teacher

Everyone remembers their favourite teachers from their formative years. They make an impression on us and guide our learning in those crucial stages. Early childcare teachers are one of the most important carers in a young child’s life. Not only do early childcare teachers help children build strong educational foundations, but they also act as caregivers, mentors, parental figures, and are partially responsible for a child’s upbringing. Their work is nothing if not rewarding!

2. Professional nanny

Fran Drescher made the position of full-time nanny look so glamourous. Who wouldn’t want to live and work in a gorgeous New York mansion with a handsome man and three wonderful kids?! While we know The Nanny is a little dramatised (okay, a lot), being a professional nanny can still be a lucrative and exciting career! Qualifications in early childhood education could even lead you to work overseas as an au pair. These roles often include exciting perks like travel, living allowance, and board within the house. Be mindful though, as a nanny you’ll be taking a more hands-on approach than you would in merely an educator’s role, so make sure you’re ready!

3. Working with children with special needs

Children with disabilities require that extra level of nurture and support from trained specialists. A career working with these kids can be so fun and rewarding, as you’ll see daily the impact you’re making on their lives. A Cert III or diploma is a fantastic first step to gaining the qualifications necessary to work within a special school or as a teacher aide within a primary or high school.

4. Director of a childcare centre

With a Diploma in Early Childhood Education through LEAD Institute, you’ll be prepared to lead and manage effectively. You’ll be given the tools to run your own team within a childcare centre and you will have the skills necessary to mentor and train childcare providers working for you. Why not take the reigns and lead the team?

5. Going to university

A Cert III or Diploma in Early Childhood Education will definitely give you the skills to launch your career. However, it can also lay the foundations for further study should you choose to do it. You could utilise what you’ve learned and go on to acheive your Bachelor’s degree. Many alumni from LEAD Institute go on to study Bachelors in Education (Primary or Secondary), Early Childhood Education, Family and Child Studies, and Human Services. The higher your goals, the bigger your results!