News / Benefits of Early Childhood Education

If you are a parent sending your child to an early childhood education centre, or even if you work in the early childhood industry, you may not necessarily know or realise the benefits of sending a child to an early learning environment.

Here is a list of some of the benefits a child gets from an early childhood education:

  • Social Skills

Children are able to learn to engage better with fellow children (and adults). Environments such as an early childhood education centre or family day care allow them to learn to communicate with other people. They learn how to express themselves, listen what others have to say, share, cooperate, and become aware of how their actions affect other people.

  • Collaboration

Being in an environment with other children teaches young kids the value of working together. Children will quickly realise that day-to-day tasks become easier when working in tandem with their friends and understand the value of teamwork

  • Developing a love of learning

Access to early childhood education can help children become more independent and develop a positive attitude to learning.

Learning environments such as an early childhood centre encourages curiosity which helps children develop the confidence to ask questions and  develop an appreciation for learning about new things.

  • Creativity

Through various daily activities, children are encouraged to express themselves. They will be able to paint, dance, sing, dress up, and tell/listen to stories. These activities help promote children’s creativity and imagination.


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