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How to survive self isolation with children

During this time, it can be difficult to explain to children why they need to stay indoors. It is important that they understand the important role that it plays in our community and how it helps to protect people who are at risk. It’s easier said than done as we all know how it is sometimes a struggle to get children to love play inside on rainy days. So here are some activities to keep your kiddies entertained during self-isolation.

Something Active – Whether that is some simple yoga moves, a game of hide and seek or a full out dance party. It is important that we keep ourselves and our kids active, even with inside play.

Drawing or painting – A great way to encourage development of fine motor skills and inspire imagination in children. Plus, you get some cool new art out of it.

Cooking/baking – Doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but by allowing kids to help prepare the food that they’re going to eat, it encourages them to have a say in the process and are more likely to eat what they’ve made. It’s a great lesson on nutrition and helps kids understand where food comes from, and how it helps their bodies. Also good for teaching good hygiene practices.

Reading – Everyone loves a great book; it doesn’t just have to be for bed time. Reading helps to develop vocabulary skills and gets the kids thinking about the story they’re reading. Maybe even try writing your own story. 

Build a fort – Grab some pillows, blankets, throw together something semi stable and pop on your favourite movie or tv show. Children will get the chance to trial their construction ideas and you as a parent gets to relax once the tv is on.


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