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Current student assistance and information

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Review our student policies and procedures below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I study more than one course at a time?2020-04-17T16:18:34+10:00

It is possible to enrol in multiple courses however you may not study multiple courses at the same time. If you are interested in multiple courses at Lead Institute, we recommend completing one course and then completing another course afterwards, you may be eligible for credit transfers depending on which courses you intend to study. If you wish to study an additional course or package your courses please contact

Are there computers/printers on campus that I can use?2020-03-19T10:33:47+10:00

Yes, we have a bank of laptops that are available to borrow for use whilst you are on campus. We also have printing access for students. To print something please email with the subject line “Printing”. Printing is 10 cents per sheet.

Can I use study rooms on campus? Do I have to book a room?2020-04-17T16:19:24+10:00

Yes, we have a number of group and private study rooms available for students to use. You may use these rooms with or without a booking in between our Campus hours. To book one of these rooms, please email

How do I access my timetable?2020-04-17T16:20:28+10:00

Your timetable will be able to be viewed on your Cloud Campus portal “Calendar” section. Alternatively, a simple version will be included in your Letter of Offer.

Can I apply to have an extension on assessment due dates?2020-03-19T10:31:26+10:00

Under extenuating circumstances you may apply for an extension for assessments. It is up to the discretion of your trainer to approve or deny this.

What do I do if I can’t attend a class or practical placement?2020-03-19T10:30:29+10:00

If you cannot attend class for whatever reason please call 1300 170 895. If you miss multiple days of class you may be require to supply a medical certificate. Attendance for all classes and practical placement is mandatory.

How do I get support as an online student?2020-03-19T10:29:49+10:00

If you choose to study online you will have dedicated support from a group of trainers and our student support team. You will be able to join in on virtual lectures and participate in online discussions to support your learning experience.

Can I change my study mode part way through my course? i.e. Can I start as an external student and transfer to study on campus? or Can I go from full-time student then move to study at my own pace?2020-03-19T10:29:04+10:00

Of course, we understand that your circumstances may change. If you wish to change your study mode delivery please contact

How many hours of classes do I have to attend per week? Are classes mandatory?2020-03-19T10:27:22+10:00

If you are a full-time, on campus student – attendance of classes is mandatory. This will be 2 days of class, 9am-4pm. Your timetable will be sent to you when your enrollment has been confirmed.

Do I get to choose my own elective units?2020-03-19T10:26:08+10:00

No, the term “elective” refers to the training package requirements, however, Lead Institute has picked the best possible elective that will ensure you have the right skills to enter the workforce.

Do I have to find my own workplace to complete placement hours?2020-03-19T10:25:15+10:00

Most students will have the ability to choose to complete their practical placement in a LEAD Childcare centre otherwise students can work with their trainer to identify other suitable practical placement options.

What learning materials do I have to buy/provide myself?2020-03-19T10:24:29+10:00

You will not need to buy any learning materials. All learning materials will be provided to you by Lead Institute

How do I apply?2020-03-19T10:23:42+10:00

Follow our easy process detailed here.

When can I start?2020-03-19T10:22:21+10:00

We have rolling intakes which means we have a new class starting every 4 weeks. We recommend applying for a course 3-5 weeks prior to a course start date to ensure you can complete all documentation.

I can’t afford to pay the full qualification fee up front. Can I pay as I go?2020-03-19T10:21:41+10:00

Our payment terms have been developed to help you make payment plans for an option that suits best for you, either weekly, fortnightly, monthly or per module. Course deposits are required to be settled before a Confirmation of Enrolment is sent to ensure a student’s acceptance to study. Our friendly Finance Team understand the student experience and will work closely with our cohorts to ensure full understanding of fees and charges.

Do I need any form of criminal check to work with children?2020-03-19T10:20:41+10:00

You will need to hold a Working with Children Check/ Blue Card (or have the ability to obtain). This is because you need to complete practical placement in an approved child care centre therefore, if you are unable to obtain a Working with Children Check you will be unable to meet this requirement.

Are there any prerequisites for enrolment?2020-03-19T10:19:33+10:00

Students will be required to write a motivational statement and complete a Language, Literacy and Numeracy test before enrolling into their studies. This is to ensure students understand their chosen field of study and so we can determine any additional support you may require.

Can I apply for Recognised Prior Learning?2020-03-19T10:16:57+10:00

Yes, you can. You can do this through the application form or if you think you may be eligible after you have commenced your course you can discuss this with your trainer.

What support is provided if I need help?2020-03-19T10:15:35+10:00

If you need additional support you can speak to your trainer about participating in some smaller group sessions help in our CoLabs, have additional 1:1 support or attend assessment help drop in sessions. Your first point of contact is your trainer and they will do everything they can to help assist you.

Students can also participate in the Mentor Program which connects them to a mentor already working in the early childhood education industry.

Do I have to complete work placement?2020-03-19T10:18:37+10:00

Yes, for each course there is a requirement to complete work placement. This is to ensure you are learning and applying to right skills to be able to succeed in your chosen field. Completing practical placement will also help you connect with potential future employers and get hands on experience.

About our Mentor Program

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We offer our students the opportunity to be mentored by industry leaders in early childhood education. You’ll be partnered with people who have plenty of experience, knowledge, and guidance to offer.

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