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There is no doubt that what we are currently facing as a society is stressful for all adults out there. Our routines have been thrown out of whack and we are all trying to find a way to get our feet back on the ground. For some parents, they are spending more time with their kids everyday than they once did and many parents are having a tough time managing working from home and caring/home-schooling their children at the same time. However, let’s not forget that children can be stressed too – some indicators of this may be mood-swings or acting out. The children have also been put out of their routines and what they have known to be ‘normal’. However, unlike us, they may not understand the reason behind this which may cause them more confusion. To get through these times together as a family unit creating healthy habits together to help keep the stress levels down in the household is very important.

Here are some suggestions on how you can de-stress together:


  1. Get them involved

No one likes to be left behind. If you are working from home through a computer (and you don’t mind other people being in the same room as you while working), you can set up a mini “work desk” for your little one too.

This will let them feel involved in your day-to-day routine and feel like they are able to spend some time with you.

Hopefully they don’t turn to the walls when they run out of paper!


  1. Take frequent breaks

Working hard during this time may be a way to take your mind off of things, but this may be increasing your stress levels too.

Take a break and sit down to relax.

See what your child is up to and join their own little world from time to time.


  1. Exercise

We don’t expect you to do full-blown workouts. Some stretches your child can do too will be both relaxing and fun to do together.

Exercise has always been proven to improve mental health (as well as your physical health of course). Small bursts of exercise everyday can help you and your child feel energised.


Alternatively, being at home with your kids might have given you the motivation to switch gears in your career. If you think you have the passion to work with children, have a look at our range of childcare courses or our CHC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care:


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