News / Take Care of Your Career (Online Non-Accredited Programs)

“By 2020, APAC will face a labour shortage of 12.3 million workers at an annual opportunity cost of US$4.2 trillion. At the heart of this crunch lies skills instability. By 2020, it is expected that 42 percent of the core skills required for a job will change.2 Mapping out what existing talent is capable of and investing in reskilling early can take the sting out of disruption. Having the right data on rising skills in your industry and the skills gap in your workforce can help you navigate through this time of change.”

“Upskilling” is a word that you probably hear frequently these days. No matter what industry you are in, you would have heard the word and if you are currently employed, your boss may have suggested you upskill too.

Why is it important? Just like the phone in your pocket asking you to let it update every couple of months, we also need to stay up to date as workers.

Technology has changed how we work, and it continues to change the way we work every time something new is developed. You can see it in the small things you use every day, for example, in a childcare centre of the past, they would have had to call every parent to let them know if there is a certain activity their children should be prepared for the next time they come in. Now, announcements can be made via email, or through social media channels.

We always need to adapt to these new technologies to be able to be efficient at our workplace and there are a lot of different ways to educate ourselves.

Some people choose to return to studying part-time, while others attend workshops, but not all of us have the time or physical ability to do so.

Online courses are a great way to upskill for anyone who has less flexibility in their day-to-day schedule. There are now a huge variety of topics you can learn by just a click of a button. Whether it is a skill you already possess and are looking for a  refresher course, or a new concept you have heard about that your colleagues are trying to implement in your workplace, there will be a way to learn it online.

At Lead Institute, we offer a range of online non-accredited programs so you can upskill in the early childhood education industry. For more information on this, visit our courses page here: