News / The next step in the LEAD journey

Last week celebrated the latest step in the LEAD journey, the launch of Lead Institute Brisbane.

LEAD’s journey began in 2009 when our CEO Dr Nina Hefford, was looking for a suitable childcare for her son. Dissatisfied with the childcare centres she visited, she set out to create a centre that she would be happy to have her own child develop and learn in.

10 years on, LEAD Childcare proudly operates in fourteen locations across Queensland, providing care and early years’ education for all children. LEAD Childcare firmly believes that children come first.

LEAD Childcare’s inclusive practices are centred around the Reggio Emilia philosphy, supporting individualised learning styles that apply self-directed, experiential learning in “home-style” environments.

To fulfill LEAD Childcare’s value for quality early childhood education, Dr Hefford endeavours to employ only the best at her centres. However, this is easier said than done.

Always striving to find the best for her centres, she found that once again she was dissatisfied with what professional development was currently available for the sector. In recognition of better training and learning, she decided to open her own training institution to create the new generation of quality early childhood education professionals, as well as upskill professionals already in the industry.

Through Lead Institute and LEAD Childcare’s sister-company relationship, Lead Institute provides its students access to the best quality practical placement and job opportunities post-graduation on top of mentorship and professional development provided by the LEAD Family.

With this strong link to industry, Lead Institute is focused on creating educators that are not just highly trained, but also passionate with a holistic understanding of early childhood education.

Lead Institute is paving the way for quality education, training, and skills development in the Early Childhood Education industry.