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What you need to know before studying a VET course 

Stating a new course can be dauting, especially a VET course as the education style is quite different from a traditional university. It is often confusing for students to understand the difference between vocational education and university studies. There is so much information, about many different courses, that can make it difficult to understand what a VET course actually is. Here are some points to help you develop your knowledge in VET training.

What is VET?  VET stands for Vocational education and training. Through Government, TAFE, RTOs (Registered Training Organisations) and industry collaboration, it is a more time efficient and cost effective way of studying, that gets you into the workforce and gaining experience as quickly as possible.

Vocational education courses are usually nationally accredited courses meaning your course can help you become qualified Australia wide. VET courses also use a competency-based model which means you receive a competent/ not-yet competent grade rather than a A, B, C, D Likert grade.

Entry requirements into a VET course are also considerably different to university. To be eligible for study at a VET provider you often don’t need to show your OP or ATAR result, in most cases successful completion of year 10 or higher at high school is sufficient. At Lead Institute we require students to be aged 18 years or older this is to ensure students can get placement at an Early Childhood centre.

Studying with a VET provider can also give you greater flexibility. Most education providers offer on campus or online training. There is sometimes an option to alternate between the two. However, if your course requires practical placement or a set amount of work hours, those must be completed in an eligible workplace of your choice. Some RTO’s offer these practical placements and some you will have to source yourself. At Lead Institute we offer guaranteed practical placement at a LEAD Childcare centre or we can work with you to find other suitable options.

Lead Institute offers the best of all options. With monthly intakes, guaranteed practical placement at LEAD Childcare centres and direct links to employment opportunities kickstart your career today.