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In the current state of the world, more and more people are experiencing changes in their work life, with more workplaces moving towards a more flexible working environment, relying on email to communicate, rather than face to face communications.

People have seen limited resources to fulfil their day-to-day tasks, reduced hours at work, or in some unfortunate circumstances – unemployment. The government has also been assisting those still in work with childcare arrangements and during this uncertain time, parents are looking for more information about children’s services and the childhood care service centre they are enrolling their children into. While the government has been providing this assistance, there has been more demand than ever for graduates and students with qualifications in the education and care industry.

More and more people feel the uncertainty that comes with the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. No matter where you are in the world, whether your community is in its way to recovery or not, there is no doubt that the workforce has seen and will continue to see changes as we get through these difficult times.

A considerable number of workers are rethinking their career choices, and looking at information regarding a new career in Early Childhood Education. If you are considering going back to study, a career in childhood education and care, it might be time to get some more information on that new course.

Education is still seen as a good investment, whatever point in your life you may be in.

If you are one of the people considering returning to studying and being a student, it might help to plan ahead and set a clear goal.

Think about what you want to accomplish and how you want the new skill you are about to learn affect your career path.

If you are looking for guidance on which education and care course is right for you, send an email through to our friendly team and we will be able to email back some of our course information documentation.

Think about why.

It is no secret that going back to being a student is a big commitment. It will be a big financial commitment and will limit your time working as well. However, if you know why you are investing your time and money in education, you will be able to see both the risks and the rewards of doing so. Consider what your career path may be after you complete your course, are you studying something which is in a growth industry or will you struggle to find employment at the conclusion of your course. If you would like some guidance on this, send an email to our team and we can assist you with the decision of whether the education and care industry is right for you.

What Is a Growth Industry?

When you are considering going back to study, it’s important that you have a career path in mind. Finding a growth industry is a great place to start, with Early Childhood Education experiencing significant demand for graduates from a diploma of early childhood or a certificate iii in early childhood. There are a significant number of full time jobs in care services all around Australia, as more parents are aware of the importance of learning and development for their children.

Consider Where to Study Early Childhood Education

Is there a particular Early Childhood Education course you want to specialise in? Are you upskilling for your current work to become a practice manager? How about the location of the institution you are thinking about going to? Will you be able to manage your studies while going to face-to-face classes and going about your usual responsibilities? It is good to consider how your new commitment will fit into your busy schedule. Allowing yourself to visualise how your new day-to-day routine will look like will help you have a more realistic approach to choosing an institution, length of course, and which Early Childhood courses are best suited to your lifestyle.

Knowing what it is.

Before making this big leap, make sure to do your research and get as much information as you can. As with any big commitment, you do not want to make a snap decision while not understanding what this new responsibility entails. Utilise all the tools available to you to do some research: about the course, the education and children’s services industry, and the particular institution you are considering.

Do not feel afraid to pick-up the phone to speak with student support teams or walk up to the staff at the schools/institutions you are considering. This will also let you have a good idea of the level of support you will get once you are a student. Some Early Childhood education and care institutions offer hands on, practical experience and some early childhood education institutions offer a more online, off campus education courses.

You should also consider the length and difficulty of the course you are considering, with the diploma early childhood education taking more time than a certificate iii in early childhood education. A diploma of early childhood will also qualify you to become one of the senior early childhood educators, whereas a certificate iii in early childhood will qualify you to become one of the junior early childhood educators within a practice. If you would like to know which of these education and care study options is right for you, you can email our friendly team or give us a call to request more information, which can be sent through to your email.

Studying Early Childhood Education

Studying Early Childhood education leads to a highly rewarding career, as you support children during their most crucial phases of their learning and development. Care services are highly in demand as it is more and more common for both parents to be working full time hours. Parents are now placing additional emphasis on finding the right early child educator. Early Childhood education is an amazing career path in terms of professional growth, with a number of courses focused around childhood education and care, designed to compliment your certificate iii in early childhood education and care. We offer a range of short courses which are designed to help progress your career in the education and care sectors, with study options which provide information and prepare you to become a practice manager or work in a more senior role within the early childhood education sector and children’s services, focusing on early childhood care service.

Finding the right program for your needs can be tricky at first, with a range of different courses, which range in duration, requirements, types of assessment, practical placement and the number of students enrolled in the course. Education in early childhood is one of the best ways to ensure your child is prepared for their first year at school, so when you undertake a career as an early child educators and the care services industry, you will really feel like you are making a difference in a child’s life, through providing them with the best childhood education and care services available.


We will be opening enrolments shortly for our range of Early Childhood Education and care Qualifications and Short Courses.

If you are considering studying with Lead Institute or interested in the Early Childhood Education and Care and Children’s Services industry, our friendly Student Success Team is always happy to help. We can provide information on each course on offer and help you to decide which education and care course is right for your career path.

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If you would like to find out more information about our Early Childhood Education and care courses, or would like to know if the certificate iii in childhood education and care is the right course for you, email or call one of our friendly team members and they will be able to provide additional information on the course.